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Video is Crucial

Video is Crucial to Success

Video content is the most popular type of web content. The importance of company video marketing trends in overall marketing strategy is growing. 68% of businesses said they used corporate video production as a marketing strategy in 2021. Moreover, 93% of them consider it a crucial component of their overall strategy and brand awareness drive. 

Too often, communications teams rely heavily on text documents, long analyses, and emails to share messages and keep each other up to date. Not only does all that take a great deal of time and effort to create, but they’re also seldom read. 

There are many ways that leading organizations are now using video to deliver more impactful communications to their audiences. This can include internal updates, announcements, or public-facing PR.

Unique Visual Strategy and System

Around 80% of all online users watch videos daily, and with our video production services, you can boost engagement, offer value, and build long-lasting connections with your brand’s customers and followers. Video marketing gives a face and voice to your brand and is a big part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Adding videos to your brand’s web content and social media posts boosts conversion by around 80%. Adding videos to your emails leads to almost 200 to 300% more click throughs. 

Our Video Agency Services

You may find it difficult to incorporate professional, high-quality videos into your brand’s marketing strategy. Our expert video agency team is there to solve this problem for you with the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment. 

Our experts follow the right strategy to create corporate video content in line with your brand’s image and marketing goals.

We offer – 

  • Complete video marketing strategy
  • Storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting and editing
  • Multi camera as well as single camera shots 
  • High-quality lighting and videography equipment
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Motion graphics and video editing
  • Voiceovers
  • Color correction
  • Custom illustrations and graphics 
  • ADA compliant videos
  • Multi language videos with captioning
  • Video hosting and distribution

We Make All Types of Videos

No matter what your brand stands for, our video agency can create relevant content for you that people will like. 

  • Interview videos
  • Explainer videos
  • About Us or Company Overview videos
  • Fundraisers and advertisement videos
  • Testimonial and review videos
  • Short promos and commercials
  • How-to or guide videos
  • Product feature videos

6 Video Marketing Trends

Filming on a Budget

Good news is with the improvement of technologies, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment (or even a reasonable firm like us) to have your video marketing strategy up and running.

Live Videos

In order to remain relevant in the year 2022, firms should also pay close attention to live streaming. Live video can be used by businesses to interact and engage with their clients in various ways.

Videos and SEO

While the concept of search engine optimization is not new, have you ever heard of it being applied to videos?
First-page rankings are 53 times more likely to come from videos than from traditional SEO methods.


Brand storytelling and vlogs are effective ways to connect with customers, establish a brand's personality, and captivate an audience.

Videos with no Sound

Marketers are creating videos expressly for those who prefer to watch them in peace and quiet.
Aren't visuals and music what a video is all about? Not always.

Content Created by the Public

Consumers value user generated content (UGC) more than brand generated content (BCD).
It is viewed as trustworthy by 85% of people and authentic by over 70%.
First-page rankings are 53 times more likely to come from videos than from traditional SEO methods.

Benefits of Using Video Content

Brands should focus on video marketing because there are many benefits of doing so – 

Increased conversions

Stats prove that brands using creative videos on their website experience increased conversions as compared to others. If you are new to the sphere of video production, our agency can help you.

Provide engaging content

Viewers are highly engaged when both their auditory and visual senses are involved. People tend to glance through text, but they will surely watch and remember the content through different video formats. Brands can pass their message effectively and quickly.

Build trust and loyalty

Through videos, brands can reveal their company culture, social responsibilities, products, services, etc., and create trust among customers. People buy more from a brand that they trust.

Boosted profits and revenue

Our video production ensures that your brand can connect with followers at a personal level. People who trust your brand are likely to buy more from you and recommend your brand to friends and family. This boosts your brand revenue and return on investment. 

At Digital is everywhere, our experienced team follows a simple and effective process for great corporate video production.

Contact us for more information and get started with your brand’s video content.

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