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Attractive Brand Colors

Colors Influence Everything

Your brand colors can impact your sales or performance as much as what you offer. The colors used for a product, website, business card, or logo cause powerful reactions.

In visual communication, colors cannot be replaced. They sway thinking and influence and can help you communicate a message. It causes both action and reaction, positive and negative, towards your brand identity. A color scheme can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure, or suppress your appetite.

Our brains reject both under and over stimulating information. Creating a color combination that delivers visual interest and a sense of harmony is important.

They Affect Emotions, Emotions Affect Decisions

It is important to remember that colors affect emotions, and emotions affect decisions. We use and understand the subtle way colors influence people and use them to guide emotions.

Understand Why Brand Colors Are Important

There is a saying – First impression is the last impression – that stands true when it comes to your identity. Brand colors are the first thing that a customer notices and forms impressions about your brand personality. Even without any knowledge about your products and services, the right color combination will attract customers. 

We help you convey feelings and emotions through a perfect color palette so that more customers engage with you. It makes both your web design as well as product packaging feel attractive.

Before After

Know the Meaning

Red denotes danger, energy, excitement, along with passion and love. Pink is romantic and sentimental, preferred mostly by women. Orange is fresh, adventurous, and usually associated with saving costs. 

Yellow denotes happiness and optimism, while green indicates nature, environment, and prestige.

Blue color and purple are reliable denoting royalty, calmness, and mystery.

White is pure, minimal, showing innocence and simplicity. Black looks elegant, but it can also depict sorrow.

A multicolor palette celebrates the spirit of diversity.

Choose based on your Brand Essence

Identify your aim, goals, and how you want the audience to feel. Having clarity regarding this will help choose your brand’s primary colors and mix them up.  

The main things you must consider are your goals, your target audience, and the personality traits behind your brand. Once you know what you want the customers to feel about your brand, you can narrow down your palette. 

You may choose dark blue or green tones if you sell organic products. Try to go with yellow if your brand celebrates positive feelings and goodness. 

Check Competitors

Conduct market research and look at your competitors. If you sell similar products, make sure you are different from your competitors. Your brand can stand out among them with the right color combination. Most tech companies go for blue, while sunscreen and other cosmetic brands are obsessed with yellow.

Your logo, product packaging, etc., everything should have a unique palette. Think about your products and services to narrow down the list of colors you can use for branding. You can also create a competitor mood board and figure out how to do things differently from them.

Create your Brand Palette

No brand works with a single color, they use a combination of different ones. All the colors used make up the brand palette. You have to ensure that all the colors pair well with each other.

It can get difficult to generate your brand palette because there are infinite colors out there that you can choose. We can help you curate the color palette that best suits your brand essence and attracts customers’ attention. 

Your brand colors will create a unique identity for your brand across all platforms. You can use the color palette across the logo, product packaging, website, flyers, social media, in-store advertisement, staff uniforms, events, etc. 

Attract customers’ attention and influence their brand experience through the power of colors.  

How we Pick the Right Brand Colors for You

Our graphic designers have a lot of experience and try their best to make colors work positively for your brand. Just like interior design, there are lots of elements to work on when it comes to color theory. For your brand identity to stand out, our team works in-depth to curate the right color codes.

Here is how we do it –

Identifying Your Brand Personality

Our team does the entire groundwork to have a clear understanding of your brand personality. To communicate your message to the audience through color wheels, we connect personally with your brand. 

If there is no clear purpose and aim, it gets hard to choose from the endless colors available. Ask your customers what they like and what personality traits they prefer. Your brand color palette is made keeping these things in mind.

Perfect Brand Color Formula

The core color is important but a single color won’t make up the entire palette. A color scheme that fits perfectly around your brand and its offering is necessary to stand out. Think of all top brands in the world and their logo and color scheme stand out.

Our team mixes the core color with some neutral shades to pull attention towards the main shade. Also, we mix in 2 or 3 variations of the core color to add simplicity. A contrasting color is added in multiple hues to balance the color scheme.

Choosing a Core Color 

After understanding your brand and identifying its traits, we shortlist the colors that match the authenticity. Colors evoke loyalty, trust, energy, positivity, and other feelings among customers. The logo styles and base accent color of brands are different for different industries. 

Even though there are hex codes and certain meanings associated with certain colors, brand colors also depend on context. The culture, target consumers, past experiences, etc. all go into the choosing brand colors. 

Our team makes a shortlist of colors that embody your brand spirit and feelings before going for a core brand color.

Use Your Brand Color Scheme Everywhere You Can!!

Customers love buying from the brands they recognize. We will make sure that your logo as well as the overall brand color scheme stands out among the crowd. 

Whether it’s your packaging, social posts, flyers, emails, or anything else, keep a consistent and vibrant color scheme everywhere.

What colours best suit your brand?

Stuck selecting your brand’s signature colours? From coral and teal to lavender and chartreuse, take this quick quiz to find out which shades will surely connect with your ideal clients and customers 🎉🙌🥳

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